The Vermont Youth Art Peace Pole was made by students in Ellen Montgomery’s class at Hunt Middle School and is being displayed in the main office of the school. Teacher Montgomery said their Peace Pole was started in the Fall and used leaves as the main theme because the foliage is so brilliant and is a defining quality of Vermont.

The students decorated “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in the different languages and attached them to the Peace Pole. Students then also sought out additional quotes about peace that they liked and attached those to their Peace Pole.

Carly Treat a 7th Grader when the Peace Pole was made at Lyman C. Hunt Middle School in Burlington, VT said “My favorite part of the Peace Pole was finding quotes to put on it. I personally feel that these quotes represent peace in their own ways.”

Vermont Youth Art Peace PoleThe creation of the leavesthe color of VermontCoating the Peace PoleBurnishing real laves