Every year on or around Sept. 21st. St. Thomas More Catholic High School, as a school community, observes the International Day of Peace.  Our students are involved with various activities that make a statement about our need for peace and, because we focus on our part as a Catholic community, the need for prayer for peace. As part of this day, our students created pinwheels, designed a mural in chalk outside our school, and designed our Peace Pole.   The Pole was placed in our gathering area for the day and students were asked to sign the Pole (or draw a design) as a signature for their commitment to that prayer for peace.   The Pole was then placed in our prayer garden in the front of our school so that it may be a constant reminder that even though we live in a peaceful area, we can not forget those less fortunate. Below are pictures of some students designing the Peace Pole as well as installing it in our garden.  Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

Kim Thibodeaux
St. Thomas More Catholic High School


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