Marcia Shannon’s Art National Honors Society students at Mitchell High School created the South Dakota Youth Art Peace Pole and displayed it at the State Capitol in Pierre, South Dakota on The International Day of Peace.

Following are some comments from students who worked on the SD Peace Pole:

“I am very impressed with how our Peace Pole turned out. It was great to see kids that I go to school with work together to create something so special and unique. What makes it even better is that it’s promoting a good cause and that it is going to get recognized outside of just our school. Needless to say, the Peace Pole project was a really amazing project to be a part of.”  – Alison Murphy

“Working on the Peace Pole was a wonderful way for artists, such as myself to express our desire for peace through art. Art is a great way to express yourself in ways you cannot put into words and the Peace Pole was a great opportunity to carry out that notion. The Peace Pole goes along with the saying, “Make art not war.” I think that is something we should live by every day. No matter how you like to express yourself, whether it is through dance, art, music there are ways to channel negativity into positivity that will ultimately make our world a more peaceful place. Working on our Peace Pole at Art National Honors Society was a great way for everyone to get involved, even the parents. After all, it’s teamwork that is going to make it happen.” – Bailey Eidahl

Here are a few photos of the South Dakota Peace Team preparing their Peace Pole:






These below photos were taken at the National Art Honor Society reception held at the Dakota Discovery Museum in Mitchell, South Dakota