The Tucson Country Day School Art Department creates their own curriculum, design, collect projects and work closely with their students to provide a rich art experience encompassing a wide variety of media. They have a strong emphasis on art history and world cultures. At Tucson Country Day School, Ms. Phelps,  Ms. Paradis and Ms. Lopez’s 3rd graders worked hard to create the “Arizona Youth Art Peace Pole”. Students created drawings of symbols that they thought represented Arizona. If you look closely at their Peace Pole you will see cactus flowers, cowboy hats, Native America symbols and more!! The students even painted the Peace Pole to look like the Saguaro Cacti that are seen all across southern Arizona especially in Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona. These wonderful art teachers wrote the YAPPP to say “Our hope is for peace especially in our city of Tucson, after the tragedy of 2011. We appreciate the thoughtful artistry of our Third grade! Great work!”

To see the blog of the Tucson Country Day School Art Department and their “Arizona Peace Pole”.  Please put the following url into your browser:  http://tcdsartdepartment.blogspot.com/2014/05/arizona-peace-pole.html

Teachers Kala Phelps & Jean Paradis added “We had a wonderful time and the students want to continue to make one each year. Thank you for allowing us to participate!”

AZ 1  AZ 2

AZ 3  AZ 4

May Peace Prevail in Tucson, Arizona!